In the light of several competing development models in Asia, one of the most urgent tasks for FES is to strengthen democratic institutions and actors, and promote inclusive political systems. As such, FES brings together wide-ranging group of political decision-makers to discuss issues of common interest. Some of the topics are social security reform; universal health care and pension; local governance; education; sustainable energy; and the role of media.

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We foster cooperation and solidarity amongst like-minded national and international partners that aid in developing future-oriented policies and programmes.

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We provide a platform for critical discourse by engaging different political actors and stakeholders through conferences at least twice a year. We also facilitate regional and international exchanges that provide an environment where progressive governance practices can be learned.


We support the training of young politicians on political management inculcating to them the values of democratic political systems and progressive leadership.

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We encourage exchanges of social democratic ideas through publications and web-based platforms. These publications aim to aid progressive political actors in their policy-making decisions.

Berthold Leimbach


Berthold has been Resident Director of the FES Office in the Philippines since 2010. Prior to that, he held the position as Desk Officer for Western European Countries before moving to the Asia and the Pacific Department at FES Berlin. He was also FES Desk Officer for Small and Medium Scale Enterprise Development in Bonn before being stationed in El Salvador, Costa Rica, and Panama as Resident Director. Berthold holds a Master’s Degree in Economics from Hohenheim University.